Q. “Cowrie currency” was used in British period in which of the following place?

[A] Odisha

[B] Punjab

[C] Mumbai

[D] Travancoreu00a0

Answer: A

The Paiks of Odisha were the traditional landed militia (‘foot soldiers’ literally) and enjoyed rent free land tenures for their military service and policing functions on a hereditary basis. 

  • Common masses were affected by the rise in prices of salt due to taxes imposed on it, abolition of cowrie currency and the requirement of payment of taxes in silver, etc. 
  • Cowrie shells, found abundantly in the Indian Ocean, were among the earliest forms of currency used in the world. In India, they were colloquially referred to as kaudi and were used in certain areas like Odisha even until the early 1800s. 

Source: Spectrum Modern India.