Q. Dakshin Ganga, Bharati and Maitri are related to which of the following:

[A] These are the glaciers forming the Ganga River.

[B] These are India research base stations in Antartica.

[C] These are the defence exercise conducted between India and Nepal.

[D] These are space observatories set up by India in collaboration with NASA.

Answer: B

Statement b is correct: The Indian Antarctic program, which began in 1981, has completed 40 scientific expeditions, and built three permanent research base stations in Antarctica, named DakshinGangotri (1983), Maitri (1988) and Bharati (2012). As of today, Maitri and Bharati are fully operational. The National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), Goa—an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences—manages the entire Indian Antarctic program 

Source: PIB