Q. During which of the following rein the construction of a Sudarshana Lake was started?

[A] The Chandragupta Maurya

[B] The Ashoka

[C] The Bindusara

[D] The Rudradaman I

Answer: A

Explanation: The sources of the Maurya period are more varied and considered more authentic than the earlier periods.

For the first time now, we have at our disposal a number of sources (literary sources like Arthashastra of Kautilya, Indica of Megasthenes, and the Junagarh Inscription of Rudradaman I, which attributes to the beginning of construction of a Sudarshana Lake during Chandragupta’s reign), and edicts issued by Ashoka that throw a clearer light on the history of this period.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT