Q. During whose reign Timur from Central Asia invaded India?

[A] Muhammad Shah

[B] All-ud-din Khalji

[C] Sikandar Lodhi

[D] Muhammad bin Tughlaq

Answer: A

The last Tughlaq ruler was Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Shah (1394–1412), whose reign witnessed the invasion of Timur from Central Asia.  

  • Turkish Timur, who could claim a blood relationship with the 12thcentury great Mongol Chengiz Khan, ransacked Delhi virtually without any opposition.  
  • On hearing the news of arrival of Timur, Sultan Nasir-ud-din fled Delhi.  
  • Timur also took Indian artisans such as masons, stone cutters, carpenters whom he engaged for raising buildings in his capital Samarkhand.  
  • Nasir-ud-din managed to rule up to 1412. Then the Sayyid and Lodi dynasties ruled the declining empire from Delhi till 1526. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board