Q. “European roller, red-backed shrike and rufous-tailed scrub-robin” are recently seen in news is related to?

[A] Reptiles

[B] Birds

[C] Butterflies

[D] Amphibians

Answer: B

Explanation: Last month, in a first, bird watchers from across the country congregated at Bhuj in Kutch district, Gujarat.

They documented eight birds — European roller, red-backed and red-tailed shrike, spotted flycatcher, rufous-tailed scrub-robin, greater white throat, common cuckoo and blue-cheeked bee-eater — that landed in Gujarat after marathon flights from Central Asia and Europe.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/annual-migration-of-birds-across-the-indian-subcontinent-has-begun/