Q. Groningen Gas Field, which is seen in the news recently, is located in which of the following country?

[A] Russia

[B] .Netherlands

[C] Ukraine

[D] Germany

Answer: B

The gas field in Groningen, the Netherlands, has again come under the spotlight amid concerns over energy supplies.

The Dutch government announced that the field would be shut down by the end of 2024 due to the stress and suffering caused by earthquakes and tremors connected to gas extraction in the area.

The Groningen gas field is a natural gas field in Groningen province in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. It is the largest natural gas field in Europe

The region saw multiple earthquakes throughout the 1980s. The Dutch government said it would close the field in response to protests by locals. The closing date was moved up from 2030 to 2022.

Source: Explained | How is the energy crisis in Europe shaping up?