Q. Heer Ranjha, the romantic epic in Punjabi literature was composed by whom among the following?

[A] Warris shah

[B] Kanchan Nambiar

[C] Mirza Galib

[D] Nazir

Answer: A

A distinct feature of the literary life of the 18th century was the growth of Urdu language and poetry. It was the period of Urdu poets like Mir, Sauda, Nazir and Mirza Ghalib (19th century).

· In south India, Malayalam literature flourished under the patronage of the Travancore rulers. Kanchan Nambiar was a noted Malayalam poet.

· The Tamil language was enriched by sittar poetry. Tayumanavar (1706-44), one of the best exponents of sittar poetry, protested against the abuses of temple-rule and the caste system.

· Heer Ranjha, the romantic epic in Punjabi literature, was composed by Warris Shah.

· In Sindhi literature, Shah Abdul Latif composed Risalo, a collection of poems. These are just some examples of literary works in regional languages.

Source: Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India.