Q. Hrusikesh Panda taskforce, is sometimes seen in news, is related to which of the following?

[A] To demarcate boundaries in Meghalaya-Assam boder.

[B] To reform the procedure of adding communities to the ST list.

[C] To create a framework for monitoring online consumer reviews.

[D] To propose regulations for genetically modified foods.

Answer: B

The Government of India constituted a Task Force on Scheduling of Tribes in 2014 headed by the then Tribal Affairs Secretary, Hrusikesh Panda. The task said that:

Firstly, the present procedure “defeats the Constitutional agenda for affirmative action and inclusion” and is “cumbersome” and “time-consuming”.

Secondly, the current procedure is preventing at least 40 communities from being listed as ST. For instance, several tribes pronounced or spelt their community’s name in different ways; some communities were split when new States were created leaving them as ST in one State and not in the other, and some tribes people were forcibly taken as indentured labour to other States where they were left out of the ST list.

Source: Move to change ‘cumbersome’ procedure for inclusion on ST list is put on hold