Q. In the suppression of Marathas, which among the following treaty was signed first?

[A] Treaty of Devgaon

[B] Treaty of Rajpurghat

[C] Treaty of Bassein

[D] Treaty of Surajianjangaon

Answer: C

On April 1, 1801 the Peshwa brutally murdered the brother of Jaswantrao (also called Yashwantrao by some historians) Holkar, Vithuji. A furious Jaswant arrayed his forces against the combined armies of Sindhia and Bajirao II.  

  • The turmoil continued and on October 25, 1802, Jaswant defeated the armies of the Peshwa and Sindhia decisively at Hadapsar near Poona and placed Vinayakrao, son of Amritrao, on the Peshwa’s seat.  
  • A terrified Bajirao II fled to Bassein where, on December 31, 1802, he signed a treaty with the English. The Marathas were defeated, reduced to British vassalage and isolated from one another.  
  1. Defeat of Bhonsle (December 17, 1803, Treaty of Devgaon);  
  2. Defeat of Sindhia (December 30, 1803, Treaty of Surajianjangaon); and  
  3. Defeat of Holkar (1806, Treaty of Rajpurghat). 

Source: Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India.