Q. In which of the following book, Aryabhatta examined the true cause of solar eclipse?

[A] Aryabhattiyam

[B] Surya Siddanta

[C] Brahmasphuta-siddhanta

[D] Khandakhadyaka

Answer: B

In the Surya Siddanta, Aryabhatta (belonging to late fifth and early sixth century CE) examined the true cause of the solar eclipses. In calculation of the size of the earth, he is very close to the modern estimation.  

  • He was the first astronomer to discover that the earth rotates on its own axis. He is also the author of Aryabhattiyam, which deals with arithmetic, geometry and algebra. 
  • Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita (sixth century CE) is an encyclopaedia of astronomy, physical geography, botany and natural history.  
  • His other works are Panch Siddhantika and Brihat Jataka. Brahmagupta (late sixth and early seventh century CE) is author of important works on mathematics and astronomy, namely Brahmasphuta-siddhanta and Khandakhadyaka. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.