Q. Jayant Kumar Dash committee was sometime seen in news. The committee is related to which of the following sector?

[A] Online banking

[B] Financial inclusion

[C] Digital Lending

[D] E-Commerce

Answer: C

RBI had constituted the working group on digital lending including lending through online platforms and mobile apps under the chairmanship of Jayant Kumar Dash, Executive Director, RBI. The working group has now submitted its recommendations. 

Key recommendations of the working group: 

Legislation to curb Digital Lending: The group has recommended a separate legislation to prevent illegal digital lending activities.  

Nodal Agency:  A nodal agency should be set up which will verify the technological credentials of digital apps of balance sheet lenders and lending service providers. It will also maintain a public register of verified apps on its website.  

Self-Regulation: RBI has mooted a Self-Regulatory Organisation for participants in the digital lending ecosystem. 

Source: RBI working group warns on digital lending by big tech players