Q. “Jelep-la” pass is located in which of the following state?

[A] Sikkim

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Assam

[D] Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: A

Sikkim is a land of dramatic contours. Rugged mountains, deep valleys and dense forests consort with raging rivers, lakes and waterfalls to create a visual feast.  

  • The state has the steepest rise in altitude over the shortest distance and has within its 7,096 sq. kms the entire climatic range, from tropical to temperate to alpine.  
  • Located between these towering mountain ranges are passes like Nathu-la, Jelep-la, Cho-la and many others which were at one time important corridors of passage between Sikkim and Tibet. 

Source: NCERT – XI India Physical Environment