Q. Justice K.G. Balakrishnan panel, was recently seen in news, is related to which of the following;

[A] Regarding production and induction of Light Combat Helicopters.

[B] Regarding Scheduled Caste (SC) status to Dalits post-religious conversion.

[C] .About reforms in telecom sector.

[D] Regarding launching digital rupee in India.

Answer: B

The Union government has now formed a three-member Commission of Inquiry to examine the issue of whether Scheduled Caste (SC) status can be accorded to Dalits who have over the years converted to religions other than Sikhism or Buddhism.

It is headed by Former Chief Justice of India, Justice K.G. Balakrishnan.

The commission’s inquiry will look into the changes an SC person goes through after converting to another religion and its implications on the question of including them as SCs.

These will include examining their traditions, customs, social and other forms of discrimination and how and whether they have changed as a result of the conversion.

Source: ForumIAS