Q. “Leaf litter decomposes faster than in any other biome and as a result the soil surface is often almost bare. Apart from trees, the vegetation is largely composed of plant forms that reach up into the canopy vicariously, by climbing the trees or growing as epiphytes, rooted on the upper branches of trees,” This is the most likely description of

[A] coniferous forest

[B] dry deciduous forest

[C] mangrove forest

[D] tropical rain forest

Answer: D

Why this Question: Important static concept. 

Ans) d 

Exp) Option d is correct. 

Option d is correct. In tropical rainforest biome, hot, moist atmosphere and all the dead plant material create the perfect conditions in which bacteria and other microorganisms can thrive. This leads to rapid decomposition of leaf litter material. The tropical rainforest is known for its dense canopies of vegetation that form three different layers. The top layer or canopy contains giant trees that grow to heights of 75 m (about 250 ft) or more. Thick, woody vines are also found in the canopy. They climb trees in the canopy to reach for sunlight.  

Source:  https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/biome/biorainforest.php 

Subject) Geography