Q. “Manas wildlife sanctuary” is located in which of the following state?

[A] Arunachal Pradesh

[B] Assam

[C] Tripura

[D] Manipur

Answer: B

Explanation: Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the State of Assam in North-East India, a biodiversity hotspot. Covering an area of 39,100 hectares, it spans the Manas River and is bounded to the north by the forests of Bhutan.

  • The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the core zone of the 283,700 hectares Manas Tiger Reserve, and lies alongside the shifting river channels of the Manas River.
  • The site’s scenic beauty includes a range of forested hills, alluvial grasslands and tropical evergreen forests.
  • The site provides critical and viable habitats for rare and endangered species, including tiger, greater one-horned rhino, swamp deer, pygmy hog and Bengal florican.
  • Manas has exceptional importance within the Indian sub-continent’s protected areas, as one of the most significant remaining natural areas in the region, where sizeable populations of a large number of threatened species continue to survive.

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