Q. “Montreux Record” is often seen in news is related to?

[A] Wetlands

[B] Renewable energy

[C] Organic farming

[D] River pollution

Answer: A

Explanation: Montreux Record is the principal tool under the Ramsar Convention, is a register of wetland sites on the List of Wetlands of International Importance.

  • It highlights those sites where adverse changes in ecological character have occurred, are occurring, or are likely to occur as a result of technological developments, pollution or other human interference and which are therefore in need of priority conservation attention. It is maintained as part of the Ramsar List.
  • Montreux Record is employed to identify priority sites for positive national and international conservation attention. Sites may be added to and removed from the Record only with the approval of the Contracting Parties in which they lie.

Source: SHANKAR IAS Environment