Q. Near-Surface Shear Layer (NSSL) was sometimes seen in the news. It is related to which of the following in solar system?

[A] Earth

[B] Sun

[C] Jupiter

[D] Saturn

Answer: B

Indian astronomers have found a theoretical explanation for an intriguing layer named Near-Surface Shear Layer(NSSL). 

What is a Near-Surface Shear Layer(NSSL)? 

  • It has long been known that the sun’s equator spins faster than the poles. 
  • However, a peek into the internal rotation of the sun using sound waves revealed the existence of an intriguing layer where its rotation profile changes sharply. 
  • This layer is called the near-surface shear layer(NSSL) and exists very close to the solar surface, within which the angular velocity decreases rapidly with radius. 
  • Significance: Understanding NSSL is crucial for the study of several solar phenomena like sunspot formation and solar cycle. 

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