Q. “Nelapattu bird sanctuary” is recently seen in news is located at?

[A] Andhra Pradesh

[B] Karnataka

[C] Kerala

[D] Assam

Answer: A

Explanation: Named after the village – ‘Nelapattu’, located just adjoining in the Sanctuary in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh is this wetland mainly for migratory water birds.

  • The farmers of Nelapattu and their bird visitors have a symbiotic relationship. The bird ‘Guano’ (waste matter) acts as a natural fertilizer to the crops and the villagers in turn protect the birds.
  • The largest breeding ground for the Grey pelicans in South East Asia, with approximately 1,500 pelicans breeding every year.
  • The local people of Nelapattu, Muchalagunta, Mylangam, etc; protect the birds as “celestial birds”, as their arrival brings good rains and good crops.

Source: http://forests.ap.gov.in/nelapattu.php