Q. “NICRA project” is often seen in news is related to?

[A] Agriculture

[B] Solar energy

[C] Plastic mitigation

[D] Energy from industrial waste

Answer: A

Explanation: Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India launched a flagship network project ‘National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture’ (NICRA) in 2011.

  • The project aims at strategic research on adaptation and mitigation, demonstration of technologies on farmers’ fields and creating awareness among farmers and other stakeholders to minimize the climatic change impacts on agriculture.
  • In the strategic research, the main thrust areas covered are (i) identifying most vulnerable districts/regions, (ii) evolving crop varieties and management practices for adaptation and mitigation, (iii) assessing climate change impacts on livestock, fisheries and poultry and identifying adaptation strategies.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleaseIframePage.aspx?PRID=1743354