Q. Paper making technology, which evolved in China, was introduced in India by which rule among the following?

[A] Mauryas

[B] Satavahanas

[C] Delhi Sultans

[D] Rashtrakutas

Answer: C

Paper-making technology evolved by the Chinese and learnt by the Arabs was introduced in India during the rule of the Delhi Sultans.

  • The spinning wheel invented by the Chinese came to India through Iran in the fourteenth century and enabled the spinner to increase her output some sixfold and enlarged yarn production greatly.
  • The subsequent introduction of treadles in the loom similarly helped speed-up weaving.
  • Sericulture was established in Bengal by the fifteenth century.
  • Building activity attained a new scale by the large use of brick and mortar, and by the adoption of the vaulting techniques.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.