Q. Participatory Guarantee System for India is often seen in news is related to which of the following?


[B] Solar energy

[C] Organic farming

[D] Energy efficiency

Answer: C

Its aim is to promote domestic organic market growth and also to enable S&M farmers to have easy access to organic certification, a decentralized organic farming certification system called PGS-India is being implemented by Department of Agriculture and Cooperation.  

  • It is outside the framework of third-party system of certification (which is a pre-requisite to enter export market of organic produce) and it is a group-certification system including farmers, traders and consumers (hence the name) and it is supported by PKVY scheme.  
  • PGS ensures that their production takes place in accordance with laid-down quality standards. It is not applicable for off-farm activities like transport, storage etc.  
  • The certification is in the form of a documented logo or a statement 

Source: PIB