Q. Priyadarsika, Ratnavali and Nagananda were written by whom among the following?

[A] Amarakosa

[B] Hala

[C] Jayadeva

[D] Harsha

Answer: D

Harsha patronised literary and cultural activities. It is said the state spent a quarter of its revenue for such activities.  

  • Bana, the author of Harshacharita and Kadambari, was a court poet of Harsha.  
  • The emperor himself was a renowned litterateur, which is evident from the plays he wrote such as Priyadarsika, Rathnavali and Nagananda.  
  • Harsha gifted liberally for the promotion of education. Temples and monasteries functioned as centres of learning.  
  • Renowned scholars imparted education in the monasteries at Kanauj, Gaya, Jalandhar, Manipur and other places. The Nalanda University reached its utmost fame during this period. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.