Q. “Puhar” is an ancient port town is located in which of the following modern state?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Andhra Pradesh

[C] Karnataka

[D] Kerala

Answer: A

Explanation: The Cholas controlled the central and northern parts of Tamil Nadu. Their core area of rule was the Kaveri delta, later known as Cholamandalam.

  • Their capital was Uraiyur (near Thiruchirapalli town) and Puhar or Kaviripattinam was an alternative royal residence and chief port town.
  • Tiger was their emblem. Kaviripattinam attracted merchants from various regions of the Indian Ocean.
  • Pattinappalai, composed by the poet Katiyalur Uruttirankannanar, offers elaborate descriptions of the bustling trading activity here during the rule of Karikalan.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT