Q. “Satkosai Tiger Reserve” is often seen in news is located at?

[A] Odisha

[B] Tamil Nadu

[C] Andhra Pradesh

[D] West Bengal

Answer: A

Explanation: Situated in the heartland of Odisha, Satkosia Tiger Reserve is spread over four districts, including Nayagarh, Cuttack, Angul and Boudh.

  • This tiger reserve comprises two adjoining sanctuaries, namely Baisipalli Sanctuary and Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary.
  • Maintained by the Forest and Environment Department of the Government of Odisha, the area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1976.
  • The name ‘Satkosia’ originates from the word ‘Sat Kos’ – ‘Sat’ meaning seven and ‘Kos’ meaning two miles, which apparently indicates the 14 miles length of the gorge of River Mahanadi that crosses this wildlife region.
  • India’s two bio-geographic regions – the Eastern Ghats and the Deccan Peninsula also converge at Satkosia, contributing to its vast biodiversity.