Q. The 2nd Administrative Reform Commission has not produced a report on which of the following?

[A] Ethics in Governance

[B] Local Governance

[C] Combating Terrorism

[D] Eradication of Corruption

Answer: D

Explanation: 2nd Administrative Reform Commission:

  • The Administrative Reforms Commission’s reports are known as ARC Reports.
  • The 2nd ARC (2005) drew up a thorough design for reforming the government’s administrative system.
  • It presented the government with 15 reports listed below:
1st ReportRight to Information: Master Key to Good Governance
2nd ReportUnlocking Human Capital: Entitlements and Governance
3rd ReportCrisis Management
4th ReportEthics in Governance
5th ReportPublic Order
6th ReportLocal Governance
7th ReportCapacity Building for Conflict Resolution
8th ReportCombating Terrorism – Protecting by Righteousness
9th ReportSocial Capital-A shared Destiny
10th ReportRefurbishing of Personnel Administration &ndash Scaling New Heights
11th ReportPromoting eGovernance : The Smart Way Forward
12th ReportCitizen Centric Administration
13th ReportOrganisational structure of Govt of India
14th ReportStrengthening Financial Management Systems
15th ReportState and District Administration


Source: https://darpg.gov.in/en/arc-reports