Q. The 52nd Constitution Amendment deals with which of the following?

[A] Reservation of 30 % posts for women in government recruitments

[B] Free and compulsory education for all children between age of 6-14 years

[C] Continuation of reservation for backward classes in government employment

[D] Provides provisions related to Anti defection law in India

Answer: D

About Anti defection 

  • The 10th schedule was added to the constitution by the 52nd amendment in 1985. This deals with the Anti defection process. 
  • The objective behind such a law was to prevent political defections and provide stability to the ruling government. 
  • As per the 10th schedule, a member can be disqualified if he/she votes contrary to his party directions. The speaker/chairman is the final deciding authority in this regard. 
  • The law is applicable to Parliament as well as state legislatures. Further, any person disqualified for defecting cannot get a ministerial position unless he/she gets re-elected. 

Source TOI