Q. The “Bisapantha & Terapantha” is related to which of the following?

[A] Buddhism

[B] Jainism

[C] Vaishnavism

[D] Shaivism

Answer: B

Explanation: Jain order was divided into two major sects.

  • The Digambara sect
  • The Svetambar sect

The Digambara sub-sects

The Digambara sect, in recent centuries, has been divided into the following sub-sects: Major sub-sects:

  • Bisapantha
  • Terapantha
  • Taranapantha or Samaiyapantha

Minor sub-sects:

  • Gumanapantha
  • Totapantha

Source: https://jainworld.com/societies-sanghs/jain-sects/