Q. The ‘Black Hole Tragedy’ is related to which of the following events?

[A] Battle of Plassey

[B] Battle of Buxar

[C] Revolt of 1857

[D] Anglo u2013 Carnatic War

Answer: A

The Battle of Plassey: The officials of the Company made rampant misuse of its trade privileges that adversely affected the nawab’s finances. The English fortified Calcutta without the nawab’s permission.  

  • The Company further tried to mislead him, and compounded their sin by giving asylum to a political fugitive, Krishna Das, son of Raj Ballabh who had fled with immense treasures against the nawab’s will.  
  • The Company, on its part, suspected that Siraj would drastically reduce its trade privileges in collusion with the French in Bengal.  
  • Thus, when Siraj attacked and seized the English fort at Calcutta, it brought their hostility into the open. Mention may be made here of the much propagated ‘Black Hole Tragedy’.  
  • Siraj-ud-daula is believed to have imprisoned 146 English persons who were lodged in a very tiny room due to which 123 of them died of suffocation.  
  • However, historians either do not believe this story, or say that the number of victims must have been much smaller. 

Source: Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India.