Q. The “Doha Development Agenda (DDA)” is often seen in news is related to which of the following?





Answer: A

Explanation: The Nairobi Declaration reflects divergence amongst the WTO membership on the relevance of reaffirming the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) as the basis of future negotiations.

  • This was despite the fact that India, along with many other developing countries, from groups such as the G-33, LDCs, and the Africa Group, wanted a reaffirmation of the mandate of the Doha Round.
  • While reflecting that there are divergences, the Ministerial Declaration also notes the “strong commitment of all Members to advance negotiations on the remaining Doha issues”.
  • It records that WTO work would maintain development at its centre. It also reaffirms that provisions for special and differential treatment shall remain integral.

Source: TMH Ramesh singh