Q. The famous “Battle of Wandiwash” was happened at wandiwash, is located at which of the following?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Andhra Pradesh

[C] Kerala

[D] Maharashtra

Answer: A

Explanation: Lally retired to Pondicherry leaving a French contingent in Arcot. The British moved towards Wandiwash but suddenly fell upon Kanchipuram and captured it. A fresh detachment of British forces arrived under the command of Sir Eyre Coote.

  • The last-ditch battle was fought between Eyre Coote and Lally at Wandawashi (Wandiwash) in January 1760.
  • Bussy was defeated and taken prisoner. Lally retreated to Pondicherry but it was not besieged immediately.
  • Meanwhile the British captured Senji and proceeded to Pondicherry and laid siege to it. Lally had reorganized the defences and put up a heroic resistance to the British.
  • The siege of Pondicherry continued for several months and finally on 4 February 1761 Pondicherry fell.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT