Q. The famous “Why I am an Atheist” book was written by?

[A] Bhagat Singh

[B] Chandrashekhar Azad

[C] Shivaram Rajguru

[D] Sukhdev Thapar

Answer: A

Explanation: “I began to study. My previous faith and convictions underwent a remarkable modification.

  • The romance of the violent methods alone which was so prominent among our predecessors was replaced by serious ideas. No more mysticism, no more blind faith.
  • Realism became our cult. Use of force justifiable when resorted to as a matter of terrible necessity: non-violence as a policy indispensable for all mass movements. So much about methods.
  • The most important thing was the clear conception of the ideal for which we were to fight….. from Bhagat Singh’s “Why I am an Atheist”.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT