Q. The foreign travelers like Bernier, Tavernier and Peter Mundy visited India during whose reign?

[A] Babar

[B] Shah Jahan

[C] Aurangzeb

[D] Shah Alam

Answer: B

A contemporary of Louis XIV of France, Shah Jahan ruled for thirty years. In his reign the famous Peacock Throne was made for the King.

He built the Taj Mahal by the side of the Yamuna at Agra. Europeans like Bernier (French physician and traveller), Tavernier (French gem merchant and traveller), Mandelslo (German adventurer and traveller), Peter Mundy (English Trader) and Manucci (Italian writer and traveller) visited India during the reign of Shah Jahan and left behind detailed accounts of India.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.