Q. The “Indica” was written by which of the following?

[A] Megasthenes

[B] Seleucus

[C] Porus

[D] Chandra Gupta Maurya

Answer: A

Explanation: Another major event of his reign was the war against Seleucus, who was one of Alexander’s generals. After the death of Alexander, Seleucus had established his kingdom extending up to Punjab.

  • Chandragupta defeated him in a battle some time before 301 BCE and drove him out of the Punjab region.
  • The final agreement between the two was probably not too acrimonious, since Chandragupta gave Seleucus 500 war elephants, and Seleucus sent an ambassador to Chandragupta’s court.
  • This ambassador was Megasthenes, and we owe much of the information that we have about Chandragupta to Indica, the account written by Megasthenes.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT