Q. The Kabini, the Bhavani and the Amravati are the tributaries of which of the following river?

[A] Godavari

[B] Kaveri

[C] Krishna

[D] Mahanadi

Answer: B


  • The Kaveri rises in Brahmagiri hills (1,341m) of Kogadu district in Karnataka.
  • Its length is 800 km and it drains an area of 81,155 sq. km.
  • Since the upper catchment area receives rainfall during the southwest monsoon season (summer) and the lower part during the northeast monsoon season (winter), the river carries water throughout the year with comparatively less fluctuation than the other Peninsular rivers.
  • About 3 per cent of the Kaveri basin falls in Kerala, 41 per cent in Karnataka and 56 per cent in Tamil Nadu.
  • It’s important tributaries are the Kabini, the Bhavani and the Amravati.

Source: Class 11th NCERT