Q. The Kuroshio is a North flowing Ocean current on the West side of the North Pacific Ocean. Which one among the following statements regarding this is Not correct?

[A] IT is similar to the, Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic Ocean

[B] It transports warm tropical water northward towards the Polar region

[C] The warm water of the Kuroshio Current sustains the coral reefs of Japan

[D] It begins off the coast of Japan and flows northward

Answer: D

THE KUROSHIO IS a warm northeasterly ocean current off the coast of JAPAN. This current is also called the gulf stream of the Pacific or Japan Current. Kuroshio means ―the black stream‖ in Japanese, named after the deep ultramarine color of the high salinity water, which is found flowing north of the current‘s axis. The Kuroshio originates from the greater part of North Equatorial current, which divides east of the PHILIPPINES. The Kuroshio is the current running from Formosa to about 35 degrees N latitude. It continues directly as a warm current known as the Kuroshio Extension, from there it is continues as the North Pacific current. Water enters the Kuroshio over a broad front, 621 mi (1,000 km) in width, which then accelerates and narrows. A narrow band less than 62 mi (100 km) in width and about .6 mi (1 km) of maximum depth runs for 1,864 mi (3,000 km) along the western edge of the Pacific, between the Philippines and the east coast of Japan. A narrow, intense flow persists for 930 mi to 1,240 mi (1,500 to 2,000 km) after the current leaves Japan‘s east coast, after which there is a marked drop in velocity. Here, there is no land boundary on the left hand side to generate a fractional boundary layer.

Source: NCERT