Q. The “Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve” is recently seen in news is located at?

[A] Rajasthan

[B] Chhattisgarh

[C] Bihar

[D] West Bengal

Answer: A

Explanation: Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve is named after two continuous flat topped, almost parallel hills with narrow central ridges, forming part of the Vindhyan range and extending from river Chambal to Kalisindh, with a length of almost 80 km. and the width ranging from 2 to 5 km.

The tiger reserve was constituted in the year 2013 which encompasses the area of Mukandra National Park, Dara Sanctuary, Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary and part of Chambal Sanctuary (from Garadia Mahadev to Jawahar Sagar Dam), forming its core / critical tiger habitat.

The forests of Kota, Chittorgarh and Jhalawar are included in the buffer.