Q. The polarimetry technique is recently in news is related to which of the following?

[A] Optical activity

[B] Measuring ozone

[C] Electricity measurement

[D] Pollen Carbon Dating method

Answer: A

Polarimetry is a sensitive, nondestructive technique for measuring the optical activity exhibited by inorganic and organic compounds.  

  • A compound is considered to be optically active if linearly polarized light is rotated when passing through it. 
  • A team of astronomers has discovered that the closest known brown dwarf, Luhman 16A, shows signs of cloud bands similar to those seen on Jupiter and Saturn. 
  • The researchers used an instrument on the Very Large Telescope in Chile to study polarised light from the Luhman 16 system.  
  • Polarisation is a property of light that represents the direction that the light wave oscillates. 
  • The polarimetry technique is not limited to brown dwarfs. It can also be applied to exoplanets orbiting distant stars. The atmospheres of hot, gas giant exoplanets are similar to those of brown dwarfs. 

Source: The Hindu