Q. The “Potwar Plateau” is water divide between which of the following basins?

[A] Indus and Ganga

[B] Ganga and Mahi

[C] Yamuna and Son

[D] Godavari and Krishna

Answer: A

Explanation: It is opined that in due course of time Indo– Brahma River was dismembered into three main drainage systems: (i) the Indus and its five tributaries in the western part; (ii) the Ganga and its Himalayan tributaries in the central part; and (iii) the stretch of the Brahmaputra in Assam and its Himalayan tributaries in the eastern part.

The dismemberment was probably due to the Pleistocene upheaval in the western Himalayas, including the uplift of the Potwar Plateau (Delhi Ridge), which acted as the water divide between the Indus and Ganga drainage systems.

Source: NCERT – Fundamental of Physical Geography