Q. The “Revolt of Moamarias” was related to which of the following?

[A] Assam

[B] Gujarat

[C] Himachal Pradesh

[D] Karnataka

Answer: A

Explanation: The revolt of the Moamarias in 1769 was a potent challenge to the authority of Ahom kings of Assam.

  • The Moamarias were low-caste peasants who followed the teachings of Aniruddhadeva (1553-1624), and their rise was similar to that of other low-caste groups in north India.
  • Their revolts weakened the Ahoms and opened the doors for others to attack the region, for instance, in 1792, the King of Darrang (Krishnanarayan), assisted by his band of burkandazes (the demobilised soldiers of the Muslim armies and zamindars) revolted.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT