Q. The “revolt of Mopillas” was associated with which of the following region?

[A] Madras

[B] Baluchistan

[C] Kerala

[D] Pune

Answer: C

The Malabar Rebellion (also called the Mappila or Moplah Rebellion by the British) broke out in the southern taluks of Malabar in August 1921.  

  • By the time the government troops captured Haji in January 1922, the rebellion had fizzled out.  
  • It largely took the shape of guerrilla-type attacks on janmis (feudal landlords, who were mostly upper caste Hindus) and the police and troops. 

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/the-hindu-explains-why-is-there-a-controversy-over-a-film-project-on-the-protagonist-of-1921-malabar-rebellion/article31935304.