Q. The “Risely Papers” was associated with which of the following?

[A] Partition of Bengal

[B] Mappila rebellion

[C] Kol uprisings

[D] Partition of Madras from Golconda

Answer: A

Explanation: Bengal Presidency as an administrative unit was indeed of unmanageable in size; the necessity of partition was being discussed since the 1860s. The scheme of partition was revived in March 1890.

  • In Assam, when Curzon went on a tour, he was requested by the European planters to make a maritime outlet closer to Calcutta to reduce their dependence on the Assam– Bengal railways.
  • Following this, in December 1903, Curzon drew up a scheme in his Minutes on Territorial Redistribution of India, which was later modified and published as the Risely Papers.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT