Q. The second group of deep sea basin lying between the continental margins and mid-ocean ridges is known as

[A] Continental margin

[B] Abyssal plains

[C] Gondwanaland

[D] Mid-ocean ridges

Answer: B

Explanation: Ocean Floor Configuration:

  • In this section we shall note a few things related to the ocean floor configuration that help us in the understanding of the distribution of continents and oceans.
  • The ocean floor may be segmented into three major divisions based on the depth as well as the forms of relief. These divisions are continental margins, deep-sea basins and mid-ocean ridges.

Abyssal Plains: These are extensive plains that lie between the continental margins and mid-oceanic ridges.

  • The abyssal plains are the areas where the continental sediments that move beyond the margins get deposited.

Source: NCERT Class 11