Q. The term barchan is associated with which of the following physiographic region?

[A] Great Himalayas

[B] Peninsular Plateau

[C] Eastern Himalayas

[D] Northern Plains

Answer: B

Explanation: The Central Highlands of peninsular plateau, which are bounded to the west by the Aravali range.

  • The Satpura range is formed by a series of scarped plateaus in the south, generally at an elevation varying between 600-900 m above the mean sea level.
  • This forms the northernmost boundary of the Deccan plateau. It is a classic example of the relict mountains which are highly denuded and form discontinuous ranges.
  • The extension of the peninsular plateau can be seen as far as Jaisalmer in the West, where it has been covered by the longitudinal sand ridges and crescent-shaped sand dunes called barchans.

Source: NCERT – Fundamental of Physical Geography