Q. The term “ulgulan” is related to which of the following?

[A] Munda rebellion

[B] Kol uprising

[C] Moppilla rebellion

[D] Santhal uprising

Answer: A

Explanation: The rebellion (ulgulan) of the Munda tribesmen led by Birsa Munda, occurred during 1899-1900. Mundas were a prominent tribe in the Bihar region.

  • During the British rule their system of common land holdings was destroyed. Jagirdars, thikadars (revenue farmers) and moneylenders grabbed the land owned by them.
  • Birsa, born in a poor share-cropper household in 1874, declared himself a divine messenger to drive away the British and establish Munda rule in the region.
  • Under his influence the Mundas strongly opposed non-tribals occupying tribal lands. He urged the Munda cultivators not to pay rent to the zamindars.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT