Q. The terms “Batholiths and Lacoliths” are associated with which of the following phenomena?

[A] Earthquakes

[B] Air Mass

[C] Biomes

[D] Volcanoes

Answer: A

Explanation: A large body of magmatic material that cools in the deeper depth of the crust develops in the form of large domes.

  • They appear on the surface only after the denudational processes remove the overlying materials. They cover large areas, and at times, assume a depth that may be several km. These are granitic bodies.
  • Batholiths are the cooled portion of magma chambers. These are large dome-shaped intrusive bodies with a level base and connected by a pipe-like conduit from below.
  • It resembles the surface volcanic domes of composite volcano, only these are located at deeper depths. It can be regarded as the localised source of lava that finds its way to the surface.
  • The Karnataka plateau is spotted with domal hills of granite rocks. Most of these, now exfoliated, are examples of lacoliths or batholiths.

Source: NCERT – Fundamental of Physical Geography