Q. The texts like Periyapuranam and Mathavilasa Prahasanam are a good literary source for the knowledge of which of the following empire?

[A] Cheras

[B] Chalukyas

[C] Pallava

[D] Vijayanagar

Answer: C

The poems of the Vaishnavite Azhwars were later compiled as the Nalayira Divya Prabhandam.  

  • The Saiva literature was canonized as the Panniru Tirumurai. The Thevaram, composed by Appar (Thirunavukkarasar), Sambandar (Thirugnanasambandar) and Sundarar.  
  • And Thiruvavasagam by Manickavasagar are prominent texts which are read as sacred literature to this day.  
  • Periyapuranam written by Sekizhar, in a later period, also provides much historical information.  
  • The Mathavilasa Prahasanam written by Mahendravarman I in Sanskrit is an important source for the Pallava period. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.