Q. Two-finger test, is sometime seen in news, is related to which of the following?

[A] It is a test to determine the speed of asteroids by snapping fingers.

[B] It is a test conducted by ISRO before the launch of any satellites.

[C] It is a form of virginity testing done by medical professionals.

[D] It is a test to calculate the power of supercomputers in problem solving by finger counting.

Answer: C

The two-finger test is an invasive, unscientific and regressive practice where two fingers are inserted into the vagina to assess the laxity of vaginal muscles and examine the hymen. In rape cases, this test is used to gauge whether a person is sexually active.

Recently, the Supreme Court has declared that any person conducting the invasive ‘two-finger’ or ‘three-finger’ vaginal test on rape or sexual assault survivors will be found guilty of misconduct.

Source: Anyone conducting ‘two-finger’ test on sexual assault survivors will be held guilty of misconduct: Supreme Court