Q. “Valmiki Tiger Reserve” often seen in news is located at?

[A] Bihar

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] West Bengal

[D] Assam

Answer: A

Explanation: Valmiki Tiger Reserve forms the eastern most limit of the Himalayan Terai forests in India and is the only tiger reserve of Bihar.

  • Situated in the Gangetic Plains bio-geographic zone of the country, the forest has combination of bhabar and terai tracts.
  • Valmiki Tiger Reserve lies in the north-western (mostly in the West Champaran) district of Bihar.
  • Name of the district has been derived from two words Champa and Aranya meaning Forest of Champa trees.
  • Sanctuary is reported to shelter of 250 species of birds 53 mammals, 145 birds, 26 reptile and 13 amphibians and Tiger Reserve.

Source: https://tourism.bihar.gov.in/en/destinations/west-champaran/valmiki-tiger-reserve