Q. Vijayanagara adopted the emblem of the ‘boar or varahaas’. The symbol was earlier an emblem of which of the following kingdom?

[A] Pandayans

[B] Cholas

[C] Chalukyas

[D] Cheras

Answer: C

It is now generally accepted, on the basis of contemporary inscriptions, that the two brothers Harihara and Bukka, the eldest sons of one Sangama, earlier serving the Hoysala rulers of Karnataka, asserted their independence and laid foundation for a new kingdom in about 1336.

  • Initially the capital was in or near about Anegondi on the north bank of the Tungabhadra river.
  • But soon it was shifted to the Hoylsala town Hosapattana (near Hampi) on the south bank.
  • The capital was expanded and renamed Vijayanagara, the city of Victory. Thereafter, they proclaimed themselves the rulers of Vijayanagara or of Karnata-Vijayanagara.
  • Harihara celebrated his coronation in 1346 at this city. Historians call this dynasty started by Harihara as Sangama after the name of his father or forefather.
  • Vijayanagara rulers adopted the emblem of the Chalukyas, the boar, or varahaas their royal insignia.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.