Q. Vijayanagara kingdom was established on banks of which river?

[A] Musi River

[B] Kaveri River

[C] Tungabhadra

[D] Amaravathi River

Answer: C

Zafar Khan who declared independence in 1345 at Devagiri shifted his capital to Gulbarga in northern Karnataka.

  • He took the title, Bahman Shah and the dynasty he inaugurated became known as the Bahmani dynasty (1347– 1527).
  • A few years earlier, in 1336, the Vijayanagar kingdom was inaugurated by the Sangama brothers Harihara and Bukka at Vijayanagara (presentday Hampi) on the south bank of Tungabhadra.
  • During the next two centuries these two states fought continually and bitterly, to control the rich Raichur doab, and also the sea ports of Goa, Honavar, etc. on the west coast, which were the supply points of the horses needed for their army.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.